Swamp Monsters

There are some places that are just naturally spooky, even in the daylight. Swamps and bogs are just such places, there’s an air of mystery about them. The secretive dark waters (and what lives just beneath) fill us with a shuddersome sense of foreboding. Swamp water is often stagnant, and the stench of decay that often wafts from them, makes us associate swamps with sickness, misfortune, and even death. It’s a feeling that has remained a constant throughout history and is something that has inspired countless stories of ghosts, curses, and mysterious creatures. It doesn’t matter what country you live in, if there is a swamp, bog, or any type of wetland near you, odds are, if you dig deep enough, you’ll uncover some spooky legends about it.

Friday the 13th

In the Western world, Friday the 13th is supposedly one of the unluckiest days you can happen upon. Love of superstitions aside, have you ever wondered why and how the day became considered so unlucky? Why does 13 get such a bad rep? In this short episode, explore the history of the unlucky 13.

As a side note, please excuse the lackluster sound quality. I accidentally used the wrong mic and simply was just too lazy to rerecord. Just blame the 13th and think of it adding to the unlucky feel of the topic.


So much of what we celebrate today – whether Halloween, Solstice-based wintertime celebrations, birthdays, or weddings, many of the traditions associated with these served the purpose of protection and banishing evil spirits from this realm. However, what if the unwanted spirit which you sought to protect yourself from and drive away was yourself? What if the thing which haunted you, which caused you to spend your nights frozen in fear was none other than you?

Dead Ringer

Taphophobia is a severe form of claustrophobia that is triggered by the fear of being buried alive. It’s a psychological phenomenon that is as old as human history itself. A fear that has been encoded in us since ancient times, when the possibility of premature burial was very real. These are some legends of those from history who suffered this fate, and whose spirits attempted to contact those closest to them for help.